MCKK PTA urges public to halt defamation over bullying incident

THE Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK) parent-teacher association (PTA) has called on the public to cease defamatory remarks following a viral bullying incident involving the school. Lawyer Hasshahari Johari Mawi representing the PTA stated that the association had filed a police report to address the escalating threats and insults circulating on social media platforms.

“The incident, which escalated over the past few weeks, has become uncontrollable, prompting necessary action from the PTA. With this report, we hope the public will stop posting and commenting on defamatory content,” Hasshahari told reporters outside the Travers police station today.

He emphasised that the report aimed to shield MCKK’s students, parents, and teachers from ongoing online harassment.

Moreover, Hasshahari pointed out that the PTA has also initiated legal proceedings against individuals defaming the college with plans to seek injunctions to halt the spread of such content.

“The PTA believes at least three people are the source of the contentious posts on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Some posts have been defamatory, and while the school addressed the incident internally, the spread of false information has necessitated legal proceedings,” he added.

While the school had internally addressed the bullying incident, the dissemination of false information compelled the PTA to pursue legal action. Hasshahari claimed that he is confident the police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission will follow up on the case.

The incident brought to light by a Form Four student’s mother who demanded the expulsion of seniors involved in her son’s assault in September has sparked public outcry. Despite the incident, the bullies received minimal punishment, leading to criticism of the school’s handling of the situation.

According to news portal Free Malaysia Today, the mother who wanted to be known only as Puan F, said her son suffered a groin injury during the assault yet the bullies were only given three strokes of the cane and community service.

She challenged the school for not enforcing its “you touch, you go” policy, which states that bullies will be expelled.

In response, MCKK’s PTA criticised the family of the victim for posting related videos online, citing their actions as detrimental to the college’s image and interfering with its management. – Nov 8, 2023


Main photo credit: Malaysiakini

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