Menu Rahmah: Generous Nurul Shima offers needy customers free meals

WHILE the Menu Rahmah has taken the country by storm with its cheap combination of food offered to students and those in the B40 segment, this stall owner going by the name of Nurul Shima posted her story on Twitter, and it defies the norm.Since 2020, she has been selling budget rice packs for a fixed price of RM3.50, which is inflation-defying at the same time.

She stated that with a price tag of RM3.50, some customers thought the rice packs were too expensive, but she stated that she only takes a small profit and earns less than she does during her food delivery.The rice packs come with different dishes, including chicken and beef, and the most incredible part is that if her customers still can’t afford it, she will say, “Just tell me,” or “I’ll give it to you for free.”She added that giving away two to four packs of budget rice doesn’t cost her much or cause her business to falter.“Don’t rummage in your pocket, then put the rice back because you don’t have enough money,” she wrote in Malay on Twitter, as reported by the Singapore-based news site Mothership.

In her Twitter posts, she told the story of how she started selling her budget rice packs, or “nasi bajet” during the first round of lockdowns in 2020, saying the lockdown forced her out of her job as a food delivery worker.

She decided to start selling food as she was motivated by her childhood, telling World of Buzz that she did not have enough food to eat or money to buy sanitary pads.“I’ve experienced all that, so I understand what it feels like.”

Meanwhile, Nurul noted that no one has taken advantage of her generosity to get free food when they could afford to pay thus far. “I even invite them to visit my stall again in the future,” she added.Now, Nurul sells food with the intention of “helping people eat and be satisfied”, giving her a sense of calm and satisfaction.“I’m just an ordinary person, nothing special,” she wrote. — Feb 5, 2023


Main photo credit: Foodpanda

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