MIC to Waytha Moorthy: Listen attentively before letting your tongue loose

AN MIC leader today urged Malaysia Advancement Party (MAP) chairman P Waytha Moorthy to brush up on his listening skills before hurling baseless accusations against the former.

“It looks like Waytha Moorthy loves to slander people, just to spice up his life. He makes it sound like we didn’t stop any temple demolitions in the past.

“I suggest the former minister to read and listen our president’s speech in full before commenting on it,” Wanita MIC chief SJ Usha Nandhini told FocusM.

Usha Nandhini

In the recently concluded AGM, MIC president Tan Sri SA Vigneswaran has called upon the Indian community, especially Hindus, to follow proper procedure before building shrines or temples.

Subsequently, Waytha Moorthy uploaded a video on April 5, where he accused MIC of “victim blaming”.

“This is the same thing former MIC chief Tun S Samy Vellu and Malaysia Hindu Sangam did in the past. They blamed the Indian community for any temple demolition, claiming it was erected without approval.

“It loos like our current MIC leadership has forgotten history and is back blaming the community again,” Waytha Moorty was reported saying in Tamil.

List your contributions, Waytha Moorthy

While she admitted Vigneswaran had made the call, Usha said that the former’s statement must be taken in full context of what was actually said during the AGM.

“Our president has clearly stated that the issue requires an in-depth study. He also said that MIC would organise a symposium, involving all Indian-based political parties in the country.

“The symposium will draft a comprehensive solution to address issues plaguing the Indian community, including on how to go about building shrines and temples,” she stated.

Hurling brickbats at Waytha Moorthy, Usha called upon the former to list down his achievements during the former’s 22-month stint as a Minister with the Pakatan Harapan administration.

She added that while MIC is constantly ridiculed, especially by the Opposition, the party still continued to do its best for the Indian community, such as by providing air tickets to Malaysians stuck in India during the pandemic lockdowns.

“Where was MAP then? It looks like Waytha Moorthy is more interested in political rhetoric than doing real work,” Usha remarked. – April 8, 2021

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