Mile high club antics land couple in hot soup

A COUPLE travelling on a flight to the European capital of hedonistic partying – Ibiza, Spain – couldn’t resist their baser instincts to join the ‘Mile High Club’. That is the phrase used to describe those who have engaged in sexual copulation whilst mid-air.

The couple were busted when a cabin crew member of budget airliner easyJet forcibly opened the toilet door when it was apparent something untoward was happening inside.

As reported by Yahoo News, the incident caused much mirth among passengers who witnessed the couple being caught in the act.

On a video posted on X (formerly known as Twitter), a crew member can be seen opening the door on the young couple in front of a number of passengers in the rear of the plane who were clapping and cheering him on to catch them in the act.

A partially clothed man in the small toilet quickly pulled the door back shut as there were shouts and laughs of disbelief from other passengers. The video has since had over 5 million views.

An easyJet spokesperson confirmed that the flight on Sept 8 was met by police when it arrived in Ibiza “due to the behaviour of two passengers on-board”.

It is unclear if any arrests took place in Ibiza.

One can only wonder what if the incident had occurred on a Malaysia-bound flight. The couple would probably have the book literally thrown at them for public indecency and rightly so.

As exciting as joining the Mile High Club sounds, there are rules in place to ensure shared spaces are not subject to abuse. What if they were children around? Surely, nobody would want to expose young eyes and minds to the scenes seen in the video.

Maybe enterprising airlines in need for an injection of customers could offer exclusive flights with Mile High Club privileges and facilities? That is a sure-fire way to boost business and ensure other passengers know what to expect.

Wonder if the enterprising budget carrier with the tagline “Now Everyone Can Fly” will be the first in the world to roll out such facilities. Over to you, Tony. – Sept 15, 2023

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