MIMOS develops private enterprise blockchain applications module

MIMOS Bhd developed its own integration system module for blockchain applications based on the Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode for private enterprises, making it more suitable for implementation in the enterprise environment.

With the new integration module, MIMOS was able to implement several blockchain applications and operational applications including a palm oil traceability system, contactless payment, halal traceability, document trusted repository and the IT management system issue ticket tracking.

“Every transaction in this ledger is authorised by the digital signature of the owner which authenticates the transaction and safeguard it from tampering, and is highly secured,” explained MIMOS head of Blockchain Technologies Lab Ahmad Zuhairi Ismail.

Ahmad Zuhairi Ismail

He also told FocusM that the special characteristics of blockchain include its immutability, traceability, provenance, consensus, distributed manner and high security.

Once the data is written into the blockchain, it cannot be changed. Any changes will be considered a new record, while the previous record will remain unchanged enabling its traceability.

Users can always check the data values up to the origin of the data itself. All transactions are done with the mutual consensus of users resulting in smoother, safer, and faster transactions.

“The agreed data is stored in a distributed manner and also written on multiple nodes inside the network. A digital signature feature is used to conduct fraud-free transactions. The final data will be the trusted data, thus dispelling any disputes,” assured Ahmad Zuhairi.

MIMOS’ blockchain projects

Ahmad Zuhairi said the implementation of the MIMOS HyperLedger Fabric system has been successfully commissioned on several projects, including:

Palm oil traceability

Tracking of the data collection for its traceability starts from the source of origin right from the palm oil fruits plantation location, followed by point of collection centre, to destination of mill and refinery until the final distribution of the end product or the consumers.

The blockchain tracking and traceability functions are important requirements to meet the international standard and practice of sustainable compliance for Malaysia’s exports to the global market.

Contactless payment tracking

This contactless payment tracking that adopted the MIMOS blockchain system was undertaken in collaboration with a third-party e-wallet provider.

The latter’s data was connected to MIMOS’ Blockchain server to enable all transactions to be stored and tracked in the blockchain.

This e-wallet system runs on a mobile interface whereby parents can create a wallet and assign the wallet to the students with a contactless flexible card.

Vaccine traceability system

MIMOS is currently working on the ongoing vaccine traceability system project in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and the Ministry of Health.

This involves the tracking and tracing of the vaccination exercise of all Malaysians nationwide.

It aims to establish the creation of a digital health certificate compliant to international standards for every citizen as evidence of their immunisation for the convenience and benefit of their interstate and national cross-border travels.

Hyperledger fabric blockchain

The superiority of MIMOS’ blockchain technology, according to Ahmad Zuhairi, is that various applications and solutions are employed in the Hyperledger Fabric system which primarily consist of a few different types of nodes.

He said the critical component is the peer node which is the hub of the blockchain. It stores the chaincode, data and the blockchain as well as the block-to-block in the peer.

Additionally, there is also the orderer node that processes the nodes to be written into the peers in the blockchain.

The membership service provider (MSP) registers the blockchain users, the organisation and registered members.

All these nodes are connected to the channels either through a multiple channel or single channel depending on the business model and requirements. The channel will be connected to the peers.

And, the client applications can either be a web-based application or a mobile application to be interfaced to the user. – Jan 2, 2021

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