Mixed responses from netizens on a nighttime alcohol sales ban

SPECIAL officer in charge of Indian affairs to Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Datuk Seri Ramesh Rao Krishnan Naidu suggested that alcohol sales should be banned after 10pm on all 24-hour premises.

According to him, drinking too much alcohol late at night increases the likelihood of occurrences like car accidents, fighting, and criminal activity.

“Apart from this, the ban would protect the younger generation from engaging in activities that are not beneficial, pointless as well as harmful to them,” he said in a statement yesterday (Jan 7).

However, netizens are having mixed reactions with regard to his statement, as some agree but there are also those who vehemently disagree with the suggested ban.

Those who agree with Ramesh Rao say they understand the dangers of late-night drinking, though some want such a ban to be enforced because Malaysia is a “Muslim” or “Islamic nation.”

Twitter user @kidz_am stated:

The user stated that this is a good idea but it is still unsatisfactory.

Why is it unsatisfactory? It is because alcohol has to be completely banned because to him Malaysia is an Islamic nation.

Another Twitter user @longbuoy22 agreed:

The user stated that it is a good idea to ban late-night alcohol sales and that it should be supported. This will help reduce the drunk driving accidents that have always happened especially at night.

User @abdyns said:

In English, he meant that alcohol kills and that a portion of drunk drivers has killed several innocent people in our country. He then added that alcohol should be treated similarly to illegal substances such as chemical drugs. Claims on stores selling alcohol not having ethical viewpoints are also pointed out. He also criticised the lack of enforcement for the law in Malaysia.

There are plenty who also disagreed with Ramesh Rao. Twitter user @durga_90 stated:

Furthermore, suggestions on implementing a self-awareness campaign for drinkers to not drive after alcohol consumption were made. The suggested campaign would inform drinkers to book a grab home instead of driving home while intoxicated.

Twitter user @janicewww1 gave the exact suggestion by stated:

Apparently, according to user @jeev64, road deliveries are also one of the bigger causes of road accidents, not drunk drivers only. He stated: — Jan 8, 2023

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