Mob justice meted out in brutal beating that led to death of motorist shocks netizens

IN AN incident that has shocked the country, a motorist was beaten to death by an angry mob after hitting a food delivery rider.

The driver who was in a grey Proton Saga apparently tried to flee the scene but was pursued by a group of motorists. He lost control of the vehicle after driving into a fence in Taman Pelangi Semenyih 2 and was dragged out of the car, had his hands tied and was then beaten senseless by a group of men.

Police arriving on the scene found the victim lying unconscious in the middle of the road and paramedics were unable to revive him.

A video showing the brutal nature of mob justice has gone viral with many people asking what sort of society has the country descended into.

Here is a small sample of the comments on My newshub page on X (formerly Twitter). The poster reckoned that some people “are headed for the gallows over this incident”.

The sense of shock among many netizens was palpable.

Some asked what sort of uncivilised behaviour is this.

A couple of netizens remarked that the clip was similar to acts of brutality carried out by a Zionist state.

Many were appalled that this needless act of violence has resulted in a fatality.

With the alleged perpetrator having been caught and bound, many asked why didn’t the mob just hand him over to the authorities. What was the need to take matters into their own hands?

As the incident was apparently sparked by a hit-and-run involving a food delivery rider, some netizens did say that many of these riders were a constant nuisance with poor road etiquette.

Many lamented the break down in morality as a hit-and-run case has now escalated into murder.

To say this is an unsettling incident would be an understatement. It is a damning indictment of society when a person can be dragged from his vehicle, bound and summarily executed by an angry mob, all with a watching crowd and more than one hand phone recording the entire episode.

It is hoped that the perpetrators are caught and justice is served to prevent more similar instances (thus far, the police have arrested five men aged 25 and 52 years old around Semenyih and Beranang to assist in their investigation).  – Feb 22, 2024

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