Model gets dumped by boyfriend after weight gain to satisfy his fetish for chubby girls

TRUTH is indeed stranger than fiction. In a tale that seems to be a twist on the Jack Black comedy Shallow Hal, a model based in China purportedly gained a whopping 35kgs to satisfy her boyfriend’s fetish for girls with “curvy figures”.

Alas, after piling on the pounds, her boyfriend dropped a bombshell by unceremoniously dumping her! His excuse? He “values his freedom”!

Hailing from Hunan province in southern China, the model identified only as Zeng, shared the details of her weight gain journey in an interview with Ruimu Video on Oct 9, which has since garnered a staggering 500 million views.

In the video posted on the Chinese social media site Weibo, Zeng detailed that she initially weighed around 50kg before embarking on a weight-gain journey for her then-boyfriend, Wei, as reported by news portal South China Morning Post.

Driven by promises of matrimony, Zheng embarked on a food-gorging extravaganza that saw her gain over 30kg in just a month, which she claims led to various health issues.

Unsurprisingly, her weight gain also led to Zheng losing her modelling job.

The story seems to highlight the lengths some women in China would go to secure a life partner, even to the extent of jeopardising both health and career.

In the film Shallow Hal, Jack Black’s character is fixated on what he deems the ideal female figure before he is hypnotised into seeing everyone as perfectly sculpted models, ultimately leading him to fall head-over-heels for an obese girl and appreciating her personality over her physical traits.

Perhaps Zeng should have watched that film, which could have forewarned her of her own ‘Shallow Wei’. She has lost weight since being dumped by the conniving ex and will probably be inundated by marriage proposals given the attention her story has gotten. Hopefully she will choose a better candidate this time—one who appreciates her for who she is and not what she can become. – Oct 22, 2023


Main photo credit: SCMP

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