Moving beyond ‘just comfort’ to meeting the needs of consumers

AIR conditioners have continued to become a necessity to most communities around the world, to the point that the technology around it have flourished and evolved to better fulfill the requirements of consumers.

As the air conditioning industry face numerous technological advancements throughout the decades, the local market is blessed with insight that allow homegrown brands to showcase its capabilities in meeting the needs of the Malaysian population.

Not only would such data enable localised enhancements of products from a foreign country, it would also increase the brand’s competence in making its mark among the bigger players in the industry.

With that in mind, homegrown brand Acson has gone through an impressive three-decade journey (since 1984) of providing Malaysians with satisfying products by keeping a close watch on the latest market trends and modifying its products accordingly.

In fact, Acson has dedicated an extensive amount of research and development (R&D) as well as expertise in the air conditioning industry due to its commitment in delivering comfortable living environments for its consumers.

Acson Modular Chiller – Versatile air-conditioning line-up

The Acson Modular Chiller is a versatile air-conditioning line-up that is most suitable for commercial and industrial usage. It employs powerful but compact scroll compressors, making it the ideal choice for modern buildings as it can be integrated into the most diverse and inventive structures.

As it uses a chilled water system, it eliminates the need for complex piping designs and installations. Acson’s modular chiller allows for long piping application by correct pump sizing, making it different from the usual direct expansion system that has constraints in piping design and installation.

The Acson Modular Chiller allows a combination of up to 16 modules, where each module can be connected to form a much larger system.

It is designed with reliable operation, whereby any faulty unit can be isolated for service and will not affect the normal operation of other units.

Furthermore, the Acson Modular Chiller condenser unit is also built with a spiral blade design in order to ensure smooth airflow, significantly reducing the turbulence and lowering sound level. 

At the same time, Acson also offers air-cooled modular chiller which comes with inverter technology that accentuates efficiency through multi-speed driven compressors to correspond with output capacity according to load requirements.

Since inverter driven compressors require lower starting torque, it enables a smooth ramp-up intake of current which eliminate peak fluctuations that can harm sensitive equipment.

Acson Modular Chiller is a versatile air-conditioning line-up that suit the most for commercial and industrial usage. It is the ideal choice for modern buildings as it can be integrated into the most diverse and inventive structures.


Acson Precision Air-conditioners – Cooling precisely

Apart from ensuring cooling comfort to occupants, Acson have also made headway in providing solution for industrial needs.

It is crucial to maintain a balanced temperature and humidity in server rooms. If it is too dry, static builds-up and raises the risk of fire. Conversely, if it is too humid, condensation can cause damage on sensitive components.

Acson precision air conditioner is equipped with inverter technology which feature energy saving, ensuring efficiency in both performance and energy at the same time.

There are five models of Acson precision air-conditioners that designed to fulfil the needs of small to large data rooms.

As the era revolutionized, Acson is now reaching up to precise cooling which cater for server rooms. There are five models of Acson precision air-conditioners that designed to fulfil the needs of small to large data rooms.


BR-iBlock Rack: All-in-one data centre

Ideal for areas with limited space, Acson’s BR-iBlock Rack is a server rack model is incorporated with the essentials such as built-in cooling, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and power distribution unit (PDU) are built in one modular design.

The BR-iBlock Rack is efficient and reactive by purpose. While its UPS provides backup power, the emergency fans kick-in to isolate potential damage as and when required. It is also pre-wired and sealed to protect components from moisture and dust with IP5X protection grade. 

CoolSmart Precision Air Conditioner

Acson’s CoolSmart Precision Air Conditioner is developed for small to medium size computer rooms or critical applications where performance and space are stringent concerns.

Apart from enabling a wide range of cooling capacity from 7.5kW, 12.5kW, 16.5kW and 20.5kW, Acson CoolSmart Precision Air Conditioner also delivers constant temperature and humidity control through floor-configurated upflow and downflow streams.

It also implements high air flow and small enthalpy difference that increases sensible heat ratio suited for the sensible cooling capacity of critical equipment in server room. Hence, it saves energy more than 20% as compared to normal split system.

With a 5-inch programmable LCD touch screen, running data and configuration specifications are easily control and monitor with round the clock maintenance and operation convenience. 

CoolMaster Precision Air Conditioner

Equipped to provide high density cooling capacity, the Acson CoolMaster Precision Air Conditioner is suitable for medium to large data centers and electronic equipment rooms.

It offers a variety of cooling methods, including air & water-cooled, glycol-cooled, chilled water (single coil & dual coil) and dual cooled operability with the leverage of down and upflow capability which is ideal for constant temperature and humidity control.

Acson CoolMaster Precision Air Conditioner is equipped with evaporators that possess large heat exchange area, allowing it to provide high air flow. When the system is combined with the large capacity compressor, it enables the precision air conditioner on immediate refrigeration.

With the benefit of group control, CoolMaster Precision Air Conditioner is suitable for medium sized server, industrial control, precision processing equipment, UPS and battery rooms.

CoolRow Precision Air Conditioner

Acson’s CoolRow Precision Air Conditioner is a compact designed precision air conditioner, featuring multiple air flow streams to improve air circulation and efficiency.

It is also integrated into rows of server racks that greatly enhance air distribution.  It is suitable for container & high density data centers, computer rooms or single cabinets where thermal load is more than 5kW.

Versatile by design, CoolRow Precision Air Conditioner is agile and offers applications in response to user requirements, providing a uniform air flow with multiple fans to operate at optimum levels of efficiency to save energy and eliminate redundancy.

With the option of connecting up to 16 temperature sensors, temperature data can be obtained to calculate cooling capacity requirements for better precision cooling.

CoolCabinet Precision Air Conditioner

Meanwhile, Acson’s CoolCabinet Precision Air Conditioner is developed to provide cooling for telecommunication, battery storage, energy and power control cabinets, keeping interior air clean to ensure sensitive instruments are not corroded by dust and moisture.

It also features self-diagnosis, emergency ventilation and hydrogen discharge as well as built-in alarm functions for dependability and peace of mind.

With Acson continuously striving to provide air-conditioning solutions, the next time you find yourself in need of a cooling system for either your home or project, it wouldn’t hurt to consider supporting a Malaysian brand that might even be as good as other foreign brands in the market, if not better. – March 31, 2021

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