Ms PuiYi to stop onlyfans, venturing on music industry as DJ

MALAYSIAN social media darling Siew Pui Yi is taking her career in a new direction, focusing on the music industry and debuting as a disc jockey (DJ) in December.

The social media influencer and model, who goes by the moniker Ms Puiyi,  previously forayed into music with her debut single Men-Mory, produced by DJ Goldfish. The single released on streaming services on Valentine’s Day 2022, has since hit more than one million plays on Spotify.

Other than that, Pui Yi is planning to release a second single in the near future.

Siew Pui Yi

Pui Yi is also best known for her modelling on subscription-based content platform, OnlyFans. She also has over 20 million followers on Instagram and 1.3 million on TikTok.

Ever since her career blast on OnlyFans two years ago, Pui Yi has caught international attention. She became the first Southeast Asian to pose for the cover of American adult magazine Penthouse, published in January 2022.

However, she will be going all in with music and to “show hand” on how committed she is, Pui Yi is putting and end to her OnlyFans career.

Furthermore, the newly released documentary titled “Showhand Gamble | Hands In The Air” further explores the reasons why she decided to quit OnlyFans to go mainstream in the music industry. The documentary made available starting today (Dec 3) on her official Youtube and Facebook “MSPUIYI”.

Though Pui Yi will be quitting OnlyFans by the end of 2022, in respect to those that supported her earlier works, the account will remain online with no new content to be added. She will also continue modelling and sharing content with her fans through other social media platforms.

In a case of life imitating art, the actress also recently took on the role of a sexy DJ in the upcoming local movie KL Love Story directed by Teng Bee. Pui Yi will star as a sexy DJ where she meets a 50-year old veteran actor Steve Yap and fall in love despite their differences.

In addition, Pui Yi also revealed she will be taking part in Web 3.0 platforms as she pursues taking her work to an international level.

Other than that, Pui Yi’s first DJ set will be at Gemu Club KL on Dec 9. — Dec 3, 2022

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