M’sian couple forced to tap ASB savings to cover living expenses from AirAsia’s flight cancellation

NOW Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook has a valid reason to demand not only an apology but impose upon AirAsia to bear the cost of hardship borne by a young Malaysian couple who was left ‘stranded’ in Down Under due to their five-day flight postponement/rescheduling.

The ordeal of Nazt F. (@NazFarid) and his wife began when their flight to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) scheduled for Jan 2 was cancelled (main pic) due to operational reasons as per the flight cancellation notice they received from AirAsix-X, the long-haul sister carrier of AirAsia.

Their flight back home was then rescheduled for yesterday (Jan 6) whereby they were supposed to depart the Melbourne International Airport at 2.25am local time and arrive at KLIA at 7.55am Malaysian time.

It is not immediately known if the couple was the only affected passengers or if there were others affected by the flight cancellation as well.

As per Nov 2, 2022

“Dear YB @anthonyloke: I would like to inform our situation (me and my wife) were left stranded in Melbourne because of Airasia airline delayed our flight,” he started a thread on his Twitter account on Wednesday (Jan 4), attaching together the flight details and flight cancellation notice.

“It was five days of expenses considering our flight was supposed to be at 7am in the morning on Jan 2. Our expenses has skyrocketed since we had to book a hotel in the last minute.

“I even withdraw my ASB (Amanah Saham Bumiputera) and funny enough the money was floating because of public holidays.”

Their ordeal did not end there as they only had one meal daily on Jan 1 and 2 (since the money was floating due to the public holiday).

“We had called AirAsia Australia customer service (voicemail) and got no response till now. We filed a complaint to MAVCOM (Malaysian Aviation Commission) via Flysmart, and also to AirAsia on Twitter. Also, no feedback until now,” the couple further related in their Twitter thread.

Nazt F. (@NazFarid) went on to explain that their travel insurance only allowed them to claim “up to” RM2,000 per person after they have reached Malaysia.

“At that time our struggle has faded away. Is RM2,000 going to compensate what we’ve been through?” he asked. “Any of you seeing the tweet above, please RT (retweet) it to spread the word. Help to fight this (flight delay). I’m so done with AirAsia.”

Loke who responded yesterday (Jan 6) called on Mavcom to investigate the matter and asked the airline to apologise to all those affected. “I take note of your complaint. I will ask AirAsia X’s management to apologise to all affected passengers. MAVCOM will investigate the case.”

A day earlier (Jan 5), the couple had already received an e-mail from MAVCOM requesting consent letters from other passengers.

“Affected passengers of flight D7 219 MEL-KUL that was supposed to depart on Jan 2, 2023 at 7.40am, please DM (direct message) me now as we only have seven days to solve this,” noted Nazt F. (@NazFarid). – Jan 7, 2023

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