M’sians debating toll payment methods and role of TNG

THE popular discussion on the usability of Touch N Go (TNG) cards for tolls has been one of the more debated topics among netizens this year. This is because it is rather difficult to top up the card’s balance. In some cases, it is hard to find a physical card for consumers to purchase.Oddly enough, there is also a lack of top-up stations for these TNG cards on the highways. This would then cause some drivers to not have sufficient funds to pay for the toll charges.At the end of last month, the government was saying that toll gates are now accepting debit and credit cards and that it is part of the reformasi push in Malaysia. A poll on the X platform delivered a clear message.Popular influencers on Twitter have stated that these bank card tolls are what drivers look forward to. Twitter user @AbudiAlsagoff launched a poll:

(Abolish tolls ❌ Pay tolls using cards ✅ Seems like tolls will be around until doomsday.)

Twitter user  @otaku_matrix stated:

(Let’s say if tolls are abolished, the replacement cost must still be minimised. Maybe road taxes will increase significantly to cover the expenses.)

Another user agrees on having tolls in Malaysia.

(I think tolls should exist, just reduce the prices. In Kuala Lumpur, if it’s RM2.10, maybe reduce it to RM1. If can’t eliminate it completely, at least reduce it.)

However, some disagree with the whole idea of using these bank cards.

(It seems like it’s just creating more problems. The queues at the TNG lanes keeps getting longer. They should make it mandatory to install smart tags for everyone to ensure smooth traffic, but this is just my opinion 🤷🏻.) – Oct 1, 2023

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