M’sians upset with Transport Ministry, digital driving license lead to fines in Thailand

TWO Malaysians expressed their frustration after being fined in Thailand for riding their motorbikes without a physical license.

In a video, a Thai police officer can be heard refusing to accept their digital licences as valid identification.


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As a result, the two individuals were detained and had to pay fines since the local authorities in Thailand did not recognise their digital licences as valid proof of personal details.

Some Instagram users were asking why Malaysians get fined in Thailand after the Malaysian Transport Ministry apparently allowed digital licence holders to use it in Thailand as a form of identification. 

In the video, the Malaysians are seen arguing with a police officer. They showed him their phone where they stored their digital licence but the officer said it was not accepted.

Through sharing on Twitter, user @Acapkay, the individual involved, explained the situation he experienced after he and his friend were arrested while riding their motorcycle in a certain district.

“After that, when we brought our vehicles to Thailand, the police there asked for our physical cards, if you don’t have it you can be sued. Even after explaining that Malaysia no longer uses physical cards, they insisted it was necessary!

“In the end, both @iqbalasyrafff and I still got fined,” he wrote on Thursday (Aug 3). 

Their arrest in Thailand triggered various question marks among the Malaysian community which started disputing the introduction of the new licence.

Earlier in February, the government through the Transport Ministry announced that the private Motor Vehicle Licence (LKM) and Malaysian Driving Licence (LMM) were changing to digital display mode in stages. – Aug 5, 2023

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