M’sia’s maiden export of MSPO-certified palm oil makes way to Japan

THE Malaysian palm oil industry created history today with the maiden export of fully Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO)-certified product to Japan. The export to Japan was in conjunction with the Tokyo Games and Paralympics 2021.

Intercontinental Specialty Fats Sdn Bhd (ISF) exported a total of 100 metric tonnes of MSPO-certified palm olein which is generally used as the main ingredient for the production of bakery and foodservice products in Japan.

The 100 metric tonne MSPO-certified consignment is traceable using the MSPO Trace IT platform.

Sustainability issues in the production of palm oil had been receiving a lot of attention lately as lobbyists apply pressure to palm oil producing nations to adhere to good sustainability practices in cultivating palm oil.

Mohammad Hafezh Abdul Rahman

There have been empirical evidences that nations that have their palm oil certified for sustainability receive better demand from buyers.

While witnessing the voyage of the maiden fully certified MSPO consignment from Port Klang to Japan, Malaysian Palm Oil Certification Council (MPOCC) CEO Mohammad Hafezh Abdul Rahman said the consignment marks an important milestone in the development of MSPO-certified products as well as for Malaysia.

“Previously the MSPO certification did not involve the entire supply chain and this resulted to buyers in the export country not being able to use the MPSO logo. With today’s maiden export, the buyer of the palm oil in Japan would be able to use the logo,” he told FocusM.

“This would elevate the status of MPSO as a standard which would gain international recognition and acceptance.”

The shipment of this MSPO-certified palm product to Japan is a major milestone for the local Malaysian palm oil industry in its effort to promote certified Malaysian palm oil products to the global market. 

In adopting the sustainable sourcing policies for the 2020 Tokyo Games and the Summer Paralympics which will now both be held in 2021, Japan has committed itself to sourcing edible and non-edible palm oil products with MSPO and other international certification for use during both international events.

The standards used under the MSPO certification scheme cover a wide range of principles and criteria that take into consideration the environmental, social and economic aspects critical for sustainable oil palm plantation management, palm oil milling and supply chain. 

The recognition that has now been accorded to MSPO-certified palm oil products at these two significant global sports events has undoubtedly proven the credibility of MSPO certification in the global sustainable palm oil market.

According to Mohammad Hafezh, currently 88% of the palm oil plantations in Malaysia have received the MSPO certification.

Incorporated in December 2014, among MPOCC’s objectives are to engage with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), institutions of higher learning, trade associations as well as accreditation and certification bodies in Malaysia.

It also aims to establish and operate a sustainable palm oil certification scheme in Malaysia by setting up a mechanism for the certification of entities which comply to the requirements of auditable sustainability standards. – May 15, 2021

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