Muhyiddin: Having non-Malay PM possible with DAP fast gaining prominence, UMNO becomimg powerless

ONE wonders if Perikatan Nasional (PN) chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is merely delving into unlikelihood or merely intended to fan racist flames by implying that it is possible to see the rise of a non-Malay Prime Minister (PM) in the current political landscape with UMNO rapidly losing ground while DAP is gaining more clout by the day.

Commenting on the reiteration by retired DAP supremo Tan Sri Lim Kit Siang that the Federal Constitutions allows for non-Malays to be a Malaysian PM, the Bersatu president contended that there is no longer any guarantee that Malays can remain as PM within the current system of parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy practised in the country.

“With the plan to re-delineate electoral boundaries which will certainly increase the seats belonging to DAP, the party will have a bigger voice in determining who becomes the PM in the future,” he penned in his latest Facebook post.

“UMNO which used to be a dominant force has become a small party in a political alliance dominated by DAP. Whatever DAP demanded, UMNO must follow suit.”

Added the former PM: “The history of UMNO’s struggle when its founder Datuk Onn Jaafar vehemently opposed the Malayan Union in the past to defend the rights of the Malays has been reversed by today’s UMNO leaders. Self-interest surpasses the interests of religion, race and nation.”

However, Muhyiddin’s racist undertone of pitting UMNO against DAP who are now allies in the unity government somehow irks renowned political commentator Prof James Chin who reckoned that the Pagoh MP “ought to be a statesman and stop spreading lies as a former PM”.

“However, he has also made this accusation before; During GE15 (15th General Election), he said that Jews and Christians were utilising PH (Pakatan Harapan) to seize control of Malaysia,” tweeted the professor of Asian Studies at the University of Tasmania.

“He comes from a multi-racial state but he plays the racial/religious card like moon people. He has joined TDM (twice former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) and Hadi (PAS president Tan Sri Hadi Awang) as the main purveyors of racism in the country. This country cannot progress with racists in charge.” – Dec 16, 2023

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