Muslim Pro: An app that speaks the unity language

THE unheralded Muslim Pro app has come a long way since its creation from a simple idea to provide accurate prayer times for the Muslin community.

Its latest two features – Dhikr (Islamic devotional prayers) tracking and the Quran translations audio – are intended to help Muslims the world over to prepare for the holy month of Ramadan.

Muslim Pro users can now set their daily Dhikr goals and track them in the existing Tasbih (prayer beads) feature in the app.

This Dhikir feature is in response to a popular request by the community. With accompanying audio recordings, users can also listen to how the Dhikr is being recited and follow the recitation as they read towards their Dhikr goals.

To increase accessibility of the app for users in various markets, Muslim Pro has integrated the text-to-speech technology in its Quran feature. Users can now listen to the Quran translations audio in various languages.

Currently, the Muslim Pro app has around 70 translations with some languages having multiple translation versions.

“Muslim Pro is about the Ummah (community), and the uplifting of individuals to strengthen the community,” shared Muslim Pro’s head of community Zahariah Jupary. “This is the passion that motivates us to improve the Muslim Pro app continuously.”

Interestingly, many people turned to Muslim Pro amid the COVID-19 movement restrictions. “We saw a big spike in app usage during the COVID-19 pandemic period, so we knew it was helping people keep their faith,” observed Zahariah.

The latest innovations complement the app’s existing comprehensive list of features that Muslim Pro has introduced over the years to support the Ummah in their practice of Islam.

Currently, the app, which is available on the Apple App Store (iOS), Google Play Store (Android) and KaiOS, has features that include: accurate prayer times, azan (call to prayers), full audio Quran, halal restaurants & mosques guide, qibla (direction towards the Kaaba) compass, Islamic hijri calendar, zakat (tithe) calculation, daily inspiration contents, fasting and prayer tracker, virtual hajj (pilgrimage) journey, popular verses and daily duas (a prayer of supplication or request).

“Every day, we focus on creating a better mobile app, one that is relevant and useful to the Ummah,” enthused Zahariah.

“The virtual hajj journey feature which was launched last year during the hajj season is useful for Muslims who cannot go on the pilgrimage to Mecca; it is particularly relevant in these COVID-19 times.” – March 9, 2021

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