MVA: Unity government taking the right step to regulate vape

THE Malaysian Vapers Alliance (MVA) today commended the Government for taking the first step in regulating vape products.

Last week, the Government introduced tax on vape products while also exempted vape e-liquid containing nicotine as controlled substance.

Its president Khairil Azizi Khairuddin described this as a right step to start putting controls in place for vape products with the next immediate step being to amend existing regulations to enable control on vape products while waiting for the new bill to be tabled and passed in the upcoming Parliament session.

“Further, MVA also urges all parties to look at the matter objectively as all these while, vaping products with nicotine are available widely for sale in Malaysia despite the prohibition under Poisons Act,” he pointed out.

Khairil Azizi Khairuddin

“Maintaining nicotine e-liquid under Poisons Act has proven to be not working and all parties should support the government in taking steps to regulate the products.”

According to Khairil, the non-profit advocacy group that supports the use of vaping products to help smokers kick their habit believes the safety of vape users is paramount, hence the only way to protect them is to ensure vape products comply with a fixed quality and safety standards through regulations.

Although the government has indicated that a new bill will be tabled in the next Dewan Rakyat session in end-May, MVA is of the opinion that amending existing regulations such as the Control of Tobacco Products Regulations 2004 is a quick fix to the current situation as there are no controls in place to regulate ingredients in vape liquids.

“With the amendments made to existing law under the powers granted to the Health Minister, industry would have a clear direction on the safety and quality standards that they need to adhere to and consumers would have the confidence knowing that they are accessing regulated products,” asserted Khairil.

Moreover, amending existing tobacco regulations to include vape products will also enable immediate steps taken to prevent the products from falling into the hands of the under-aged.

“MVA strongly believes that regulations need to strike a balance between ensuring vaping products are not marketed or sold to young people and being made accessible to smokers who want to switch to a less harmful alternative,” justified Khairil.

“Therefore with the right regulations in place, MVA believes vaping will be able to help Malaysia reduce smoking prevalence in the country.” – April 5, 2023

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