MVA urges gov’t to decouple GEG policy for fair vape regulations

THE Malaysian Vapers Alliance (MVA) has called upon the Malaysian government to decouple the controversial Generation Endgame (GEG) policy from the Control of Tobacco Products and Smoking Bill.

The delayed tabling of the Bill, which includes the GEG has prompted the advocacy group to push for expedited regulations in the vaping industry while raising concerns about the discriminatory nature of the policy.

Besides, vaping advocates are outraged by the GEG policy, which aimed to ban vaping for individuals born in 2007 and later.

MVA president Khairil Azizi Khairuddin condemned the policy labelling it as discriminatory and unfair. He highlighted the injustice of condemning a specific group of Malaysians to a lifetime prohibition on vaping based solely on their birth year, even after they reach adulthood and can make informed decisions.

Khairil Azizi Khairuddin

“Treating two groups of Malaysians differently based on their birth year is a clear act of discrimination that runs counter to the principles of equality and fairness. This policy not only stigmatises consumers but also adversely affects businesses, retailers and workers in the vaping industry,” he emphasised.

Moreover, the GEG policy places an additional burden on existing consumers born before 2007, requiring them to prove their date of birth during purchases. This potential requirement for special identification or a track-and-trace system has raised concerns about privacy and practicality.

While advocating for the urgent need for vaping industry regulations, MVA proposed the removal of the GEG clauses from the Bill. This move would enable the introduction of necessary regulations to prevent sales to individuals below the age of 18 and implement safety requirements to protect consumers.

MVA acknowledged the Parliamentary Special Select Committee’s (PSSC) recommendation for a delay in implementing the GEG policy. The committee advised a thorough assessment of the policy’s impact by June 2025.

Moreover, MVA contended that passing the policy into law before completing a comprehensive assessment would be premature and illogical.

The alliance expressed its commitment to collaborative efforts with the government, lawmakers and stakeholders to develop vaping regulations that balance consumer safety and individual rights.

MVA is of the opinion that decoupling the GEG policy from the Bill will facilitate meaningful dialogue and examination, leading to the formulation of sensible regulations for the vaping industry.

“We look forward to engaging in productive discussions with the relevant authorities to address these concerns and create a regulatory framework that respects the rights and choices of all Malaysians,” he concluded.

Furthermore, the call from MVA reflects a growing push for fair and just regulations in the vaping industry, ensuring the protection of both consumers and the rights of individuals in Malaysia. – Oct 11, 2023

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