Najib trolls Muhyiddin with ‘visit from SPRM’

AS shocking as it is, ex-prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is still tweeting from prison, and this time, he trolls fallen prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, claiming the latter will soon be visited by Malaysian graft busters.

In the tweet, Najib wrote in Malay saying it is Muhyiddin’s time to go down to the MACC office.

“Soon he will have to answer about the mystery of the millions of Ringgit in his bedroom,” he says.

Netizens are shocked at the revelation of the cash stash in Muhyiddin’s bed room.

The MACC is expected to question Muhyiddin and a few others, including former Finance Minister Tengku Datuk Seri  Zafrul Aziz, about the RM600 bil spent during the lockdowns beginning in 2020.

A Twitter user, Kumar @AjayKumar1711 responded to Najib Razak’s tweet stating, “You all politician senang2 main duit berjuta2. Padahal rakyat yg mengundi Kais pagi makan pagi.. Kene withdraw kswp tuk bagi family makan minum. Politics is dirty.”

In English, the tweet meant that politicians are able to access millions of Ringgit easily, while the average Malaysians who voted for these people have to scrimp and save.

This sentiment is quite common across most of the tweets where Malaysians are upset with the revelation.

A response to the earlier tweet by Inyrjt @lenyarajit19 stated “Dah abah x bagi rakyat duit lps tu suruh juga rakyat guna duit KWSP mereka sendiri yg pttnya utk pakai masa hari tua nanti.”

Translated to English, it meant that Muhyiddin did not do anything for the country except for making his own citizens withdraw their hard earned KWSP balance that was meant to be use during their old age in order to survive during the pandemic.

Furthermore, there was another netizen who posted a funny photo of Muhyiddin. User Badrul-Kun @badrulmohd_007 posted the picture of the former Prime Minister with a shocked face and a caption “lets go.” — Dec 11, 2022


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