Natural tips to keep mosquitoes at bay (Part 2)

THE heavy downpours during the current monsoon season are hastening a rise in dengue cases across the Peninsular. The increase is so drastic that certain hospitals located near dengue hotspots are running short of beds for patients. 

In an earlier article, a number of all-natural remedies to rid homes of mosquitoes were outlined. Here are a few more ideas to help combat the growing number of dengue cases.  

Basil and lemongrass

These herbs are incredibly effective mosquito repellents. The leaves of the former are poisonous to mosquito larvae. They can be crushed and mixed with water, then used as an insect-repellent spray. 

The latter contains citronella which helps conceal the smell of carbon dioxide and lactic acid that attract mosquitoes. Plant lots of lemongrass in the garden and in pots around the house for a mosquito-free environment. 


Boil some garlic in water and fill the liquid in a spray bottle. Garlic contains sulphur, making it one of the most potent methods to rid homes of these pesky pests.   

A great thing about using garlic water as a spray is that the smell doesn’t linger, dissipating soon after doing its job of wiping out the mosquitoes. 


Another smell that mosquitoes hate is beer! If your home has a well-stocked bar, then pour some beer into a small dish and leave it in the open the next time you are about to enjoy a frothy lager. 

While this won’t kill the mosquitoes, it will help keep the insects at bay, as they absolutely abhor the smell of beer.  

The fear of dengue and other bugs is a common factor keeping many people from moving into areas surrounded by greenery and nature.  

 The above tips should greatly help and allow many more people to consider moving into a development ensconced by nature. Don’t let mosquitoes stop you from owning a dream home blessed by lush greenery. Do check out Hijauan Broga at: – Dec 10, 2023


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