Natural tips to keep mosquitoes at bay (Part I)

DENGUE fever is no laughing matter. On Nov 25, it was reported that Ipoh experienced a 300% increase in dengue cases compared to the corresponding period last year. The statistics are alarming. 

Most households rely on tried-and-trusted insect repellent sprays, insecticides and burning coils. But these have an unpleasant smell and are full of harmful chemicals. Here are some alternative methods to keep the pesky aedes away using natural products. 


It is favoured by many Indian households, being a common item used for Hindu prayers. Simply light a tablet in a room and shut the doors and windows. The pungent aroma will keep the space free of mosquitoes for several hours.  

Alternatively, dip a camphor tablet in a bowl of water and it will slowly dissolve, releasing the aroma that repels mosquitoes. Change it every few days once the aroma has dissipated. Do keep it away from pets and children, as it is harmful if ingested. 

Ground coffee beans 

Scour for places where stagnant water can accumulate. These include tiny cracks in the floor or even in pans underneath dish holders, which are excellent breeding spots for mosquitoes. 

You can kill their larvae by sprinkling ground coffee beans onto the surface of such openings. Not only that, but this method will chase away a host of other unwanted pests that hide in these damp spots.  

Cloves and citrus fruits

Mosquitoes hate the smell of citrus and cloves. Combine the spice with freshly cut lemons and place it around the house to chase away these pests while giving the home a pleasant, invigorating smell. 

This method is highly recommended as it is a very effective repellent and is safe for use indoors. The fear of dengue and other bugs is a common factor keeping many people from moving into areas surrounded by greenery and nature.   

The above tips should help greatly, allowing many people to consider a move into a development ensconced by nature. For an ideal example of homes surrounded by nature, please check out: – Dec 9, 2023


 Main photo credit: CDC

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