Nearly 1.8 million people have been displaced across the Gaza strip since Oct 7

Increasingly in Gaza, there is nowhere left for Palestinians to run. From north to south, Israeli air strikes have repeatedly hit refugee camps and residential buildings.

On Oct 13, the Israeli military ordered more than one million people in the north to move south, saying it was for their safety. In nearly two months of war, about 1.8 million Palestinians have been uprooted from their homes. Most of them made the journey to the south.

The UN says 958,000 displaced people are sheltering in 99 facilities in central Gaza, Khan Younis and Rafah. And now after a week-long ceasefire, Israel has expanded its offensive hitting crowded neighbourhoods in parts of southern Gaza.

Its army has dropped leaflets calling Khan Younis city a dangerous combat zone, leaving displaced and distraught Palestinians with nowhere left to go.

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