Nestlé Malaysia introduces plant-based Puff Pastries in response to growing demand

NESTLÉ Malaysia Bhd has expanded its “Harvest Gourmet” product range with the introduction of Puff Pastries in line with the increasing interest in plant-based foods among Malaysians.

This move comes as a response to a recent 2023 survey by GlobalData, which revealed that 59% of Malaysians are eager to try plant-based foods for their health benefits while nearly half are motivated by the environmental advantages of such sustainable food options.

Plant-based foods are known for their lower carbon footprint and reduced water resource usage compared to meat products, making them an attractive choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

The newly launched Puff Pastries by Nestlé Malaysia offer a delicious fusion of plant-based goodness and gourmet pastry, providing consumers with convenient and flavourful snack options.

Available in three Asian flavours – creamy curry puff, Korean Gochujang puff, and Oriental BBQ puff – these pastries cater to diverse taste preferences.

“Craving puff pastries but find them too much of a hassle to make, or simply cannot find the time to prepare them from scratch?

“Nestlé’s Harvest Gourmet Puff Pastries are the ideal solution, especially for working parents and busy professionals on the go. They are convenient choices for teatime or an anytime snack!” said the company.

Moreover, Nestlé Malaysia CEO Juan Aranols expressed enthusiasm for the latest addition to the Harvest Gourmet range, noting the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

“In a world where we all need to deal with the environmental and health impacts of our dietary choices, we continue to innovate to ensure that we launch products that are tasty and relevant to our consumers while playing a positive role in supporting the transition to more sustainable diets.”

Furthermore, the Puff Pastries are a good source of protein derived from soy and wheat-based mince, complemented by a blend of flavourful ingredients and spices.

“Made in Malaysia and certified halal, the Puff Pastries provide a good source of protein made with soya and wheat-based mince, along with selected blend of flavourful ingredients and spices, without added preservatives,” the company added.

“But what makes them truly convenient, and a time-saving option is the one-step preparation, straight from the freezer to the air fryer with no defrosting required! Simply air fry the puffs at 180°C for 15 minutes to achieve flaky, crispy perfection, ready to be enjoyed.” – April 3, 2024

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