Netizen claims festive seasons are stressful and have lost their true meanings

WHILE Malaysians enjoy welcoming the Year of the Dragon with lavish feasts and other jollities, a few of their brethren find the entire process of gearing up for the festivities tiring and stressful.

Some even say amid all effort to keep up appearances during seasonal celebrations, many seem to have lost sight of the true meaning behind these festivals, which are rooted in religious messages of moderation and humility.

This seems to be the opinion of Wahyun Wildan who shared those sentiments on the Malaysian Education Info (and Homeschooling Too) Facebook Forum.

She was quoting a Singaporean actor, Henry Thia, who proclaimed in an interview with Asia One:

“You know what? I actually don’t like Chinese New Year.

“The month-long preparation leading to the occasion is so stressful and tiring. We have to spring-clean our home, queue for new notes, pack hongbao, plan what to eat… All that for three days of gatherings.

“I’m not the only one to feel this way, right?”

Wahyun’s post has generated a lot of discussion among netizens. This is what they had to say.

Some agreed there was no need to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ during festive periods and to overspend on frivolities.

One lady lamented the for new outfits annually just for the festive season.

Some said having to dodge relatives’ prying questions was the most tiring aspect.

The incessant noise pollution from fireworks was also highlighted as a nuisance by quite a few netizens.

The original poster’s views were echoed by more than one netizen who pointed out what they felt should be the focus of these celebrations.

More than one placed the blame for such attitudes squarely on social media.

Some though were happy to embrace the festivities and view the stress that comes with each as a minor inconvenience.

Whichever way we wish to celebrate festivities, it is hoped that the spirit of muhibah persists and that each of us go out of our way to better know our fellow Malaysians.

That alone would make the perceived stress and hassle worthwhile. – Feb 12, 2024


Main pic credit: PBS

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