Netizen gets grilled for race-tinged query on online forum

IT IS often said Malaysians view everything through race-tinted specs. But one particular netizen’s observation and query on a Facebook site seem to have rubbed many the wrong way.

Jason Go posted this very loaded question on the Meanwhile in Malaysia (MIM) Facebook page – why Malay cohorts his age don’t seem able to have much dough in their savings – which prompted a deluge of responses, many totally unimpressed by his racial stereotyping.

Some netizens were quick to chide Jason Go for using money as the only yardstick:

Many also thought the question is distasteful and unbecoming for Jason Go to relate it to race:

However distasteful some may find the original poster’s query, is it really any surprise that his post was dripping with racial innuendo?

After all, the country’s beloved politicians do nothing but the same on a daily basis. Everything is related to a person’s ethnic background – from accusations of corruption to a lack of work ethic.

Malaysians have been conditioned by decades of racial profiling that suggests certain characteristics are hard-wired into their DNA.

While the poster’s query is regrettable, it is certainly understandable. He is merely a product of a society that places ethnicity at the heart of everything.

In a nutshell, his post merely highlights a lack of cultural understanding and the deep schisms that have formed between Malaysians. – Dec 13, 2023

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