Netizen praises driver’s skills in avoiding unidentified object on highway

A SHORT clip posted on Getaran Facebook page has elicited plenty of responses, not least as to what exactly was the foreign object that appeared suddenly.

The dashcam video shows a blurry object in the middle of the fast lane. The post also commends the apparent coolness of the driver.

A netizen claiming to be the driver said he thought it was a child on the road and did his utmost to avoid a collision. He expressed gratitude that nothing untoward happened.

Some netizens posited on the nature of the object that appeared so suddenly.

However, the vast majority were in awe of the driving skills on display with the driver showing great dexterity and reflexes in responding to the situation.

Of course, given Malaysians’ well-documented love of cars, there were plenty of enquiries as to the marque of the vehicle.

All said and done, it is good to know there was no untoward incident even though no one seems to be able to confirm the identity of the mysterious object.

Now, if only more Malaysians could drive like this, the roads would be a much safer place. – Feb 29, 2024

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