Netizen queries why Chinese seem to possess inherent business acumen

Main pic credit: China’s 10 Richest Billionaires in 2023 by Forbes

IT MAY be stereotyping albeit of a positive nature as a netizen had to ask just why are Malaysian Chinese so successful in the business arena?

He wanted to know the secret to their success, and perhaps, learn a trick or two. His post on the Entrepreneurs and Startups in Malaysia Facebook page doubtlessly has elicited plenty of feedback.

Many netizens shared their thoughts on the subject.

Some disagreed with the poster’s observations.

Obviously, some did share what they thought were the secrets behind the Chinese community’s success in the arena of commerce.

More than a few took the opportunity to inject some humour into the conversation.

In contrast to the perception of Chinese business mindset, some netizens chose to highlight the difference with other ethnic groups albeit humorously.

Many pointed to centuries-old habits brought over by Chinese ancestors who were super frugal, having gone through the hardships of immigrating to a foreign land.

Of course, this being a post touching on race, some said there were some hard truths that need to be recognised and acknowledged.

One poster seemed to sum up the general feeling that attitude is more important than ethnicity.

But one netizen’s lengthy reply pointed out the need for perspective stating that the definition of “success” and “happiness” can mean very different things to different people. His call for greater unity among races believing it will lead to success for all resonated well with many netizens. – Jan 29, 2024


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