Netizen wonders whether labour laws favours a particular race, gets told off

GETTING good staff is no easy task as many Human Resource professionals will tell you. But can an employer refuse to pay a newly-hired staff who had promptly exited the company having done next to nothing?

This was the scenario shared by a very fed-up Justin Tai on the Entrepreneurs and Start Ups in Malaysia Facebook group. 

Quite a few netizens simply said it was not worth the hassle if the ex-employee files a complaint with the authorities. They counselled the poster to be more thorough in the hiring process.

However, it was the last line in Justin’s post that seemed to get many netizens’ knickers in a knot as he suggested that the employee’s race plays a part in how the case is handled by the authorities.

The above post once again highlights how Malaysians seem to view everything through race-tinted glasses. There is also the perception that the powers-that-be will always favour one particular race, which, all in all, is a very sad state of affairs indeed. – Dec 29, 2023


Main pic credit: HR Asia Media

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