Netizen wonders why tech giants are exempt from being targets of M’sian boycotters

THE ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict continues to divide opinion with regards to the actions of local boycotters.

Over the last few months, a number of businesses, many primarily involved in the food and beverage (F&B) sector, have been the target of these boycotters.

Popular franchises such as KFC, McDonald’s and Starbucks have seen and felt the power of the boycotters keen to show solidarity with Palestine.

While the boycotts have been going on for a while, a post by netizen Lee Seul Ae on X (formerly known as Twitter) highlights that this issue is still dividing opinion among Malaysians.

Some netizens very pointedly asked why tech giants have been exempt from locals’ list of companies to boycott.

Some also ask why this selective persecution while certain brands are let off the hook.

Others lamented that the target of many boycotters was misguided and hypocritical as well.

Some wondered aloud of the immediate impact such boycotts have on local businesses and jobs.

Others highlighted that it was an individual’s right to exercise freedom of choice.

A couple of netizens highlighted the impossibility of an effective boycott, especially against MNCs that produce many daily essentials consumed by nearly all Malaysians.

The comments reflect how divisive an issue it has become among ordinary Malaysians. With no resolution to the Israel-Hamas conflict in sight, the issue looks set to rumble on. – Feb 5, 2024


Main pic credit: NST

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