Netizens aghast at video of foreign workers bathing in water tank atop of building in Subang Jaya

A VIDEO purportedly showing foreign workers bathing and doing their laundry using water from a reservoir tank atop a building in USJ 21, Subang Jaya has caused uproar among netizens.

The short clip uploaded on the Majoriti platform clearly shows three men, believed to be Bangladeshi workers living nearby, to be going about their chores nonchalantly, unaware their actions were being filmed.

Netizens naturally were abhorred and urged the authorities to take action. “How filthy are these foreigners; imagine there may be restaurants or rented rooms in the lower floors having to consume the sediment from his bathing,” screamed Syafiq Musa.

“How could they scale up to the top of the building to bathe? It seems they have brought their habits from their homeland here, the police, too, are caught unaware,” claimed Farhaniszacs.

“Till the rooftops they climb, we urge the police to investigate and monitor activities of these foreigners. They have gone overboard and behave as if it is this country is theirs,” argued Nosya Ramli.

Spare a thought

Yes, it is disgusting. Revolting to think that others are consuming dirty bath water. But equally worrisome is the trend of openly racist nature of many of the comments.

Did anyone stop to think or ask why these foreigners saw fit to go to the top of a building to bathe and do their laundry? It is very possible that they are housed in premises that lack such basic facilities.

All too often, Malaysians seem to forget amidst all the ‘invasion of the pendatang’ hysteria that Malaysia treats its migrant workers very poorly.

Many illegal workers lack the proper documentation simply because their Malaysian bosses just want a shortcut to quick profits.

Malaysians also seem to forget that the nation’s economy is built on the blood, sweat and tears of migrant workers. Almost every road and building is the result of their hard work, yet they are often viewed as sub-human by Malaysians.

No doubt the video is incredibly disturbing from a hygiene point of view. However, the racially-charged comments underline that some perspective is required.

The police have yet to issue a statement on the video. – Oct 30, 2023

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