Netizens angry at PAS using a different National Day logo in four states

PERIKATAN Nasional (PN) and PAS said they want to use their own National Day logo and theme in the four states under his administration.

Yesterday (Aug 19), PN Youth launched the official PN National Day logo and theme to be used in the PN leadership’s speech, especially at the Youth level and the party under the umbrella of the opposition bloc.

While it could have been a simple matter of internal party politics, the issue has blown out of control after PN Youth head Ahmad Fadhli Shaari presented the logo on social media.

He also said that his party did not rule out the possibility that the state governments under PN namely Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu would also use the same theme, though he added that he could not speak on behalf of the state government.

A Twitter user reacted to the attempt by the PAS Youth to get the party to use a different logo than the Malaysia Madani for the Merdeka.

(It seems like they’re getting crazier, it doesn’t matter, they might be intentionally causing chaos and mischief. Their malicious actions have gone overboard. This kind of behaviour easily leads to influencing others negatively.)

(If I were to easily give people who wait like this… you don’t support the federal initiatives that reject everything the federal government does, then there’s no need for you to eagerly await federal allocations. Simple as that, no need to constantly demand federal funding.)

Meanwhile, user @DRXA7168 is of the opinion that this is immaturity in politics and that leads to enmity, revenge and division of the society.

(The immature political spirit that leads to enmity, resentment, and division among the community. Is this the approach that symbolises unity? It’s truly embarrassing to witness the attitudes displayed by the leaders and grassroots members of PAS. Islam remains preserved without PAS’ involvement.)

On the other hand, Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil said that ‘Malaysia Madani: Determination of Unity, Fulfilling Hope’ was chosen as the theme of National Day and Malaysia Day 2023. – Aug 20, 2023


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