Netizens applaud Chinese apprentice seeking internship in a Malay-owned motor workshop

AT A time when the Malaysian society is seemingly breaking at the seams under the weight of racial rhetoric, a post on Facebook by Azam Motor Banting-HQ has truly warmed the hearts of many netizens.

The post recounts how a young Chinese apprentice was seeking industry placement but had been rejected by many workshops, including Chinese-owned businesses.

However, the young lad known as Keong was welcomed by Azam Motors Banting and has since displayed a keen willingness to learn from his Malay seniors. It is this attitude and teamwork that counts, not the colour of one’s skin, according to the poster.

The post has generated more than 1,900 comments and 33,000 ‘likes’ at the time of writing. It has also been shared 656 times. Many netizens applauded Azam Workshop for displaying such an attitude.

Other netizens also shared similar tales of businesses run sans racial prejudices with others commenting how rare such instances have become.

Some reminded Keong to remember to pay it forward when he is successful in his career.

Some netizens shared their belief that this is how nation-building is done and this was social responsibility at its best.

Many opined how much better if Malaysians did not harbour any racist tendencies towards each other.

It cannot be helped to wonder just how much better the socio-ethnic landscape would be if everyone had Azam Motor’s attitude. But at the very least, Malaysians can feel hope that there exist citizens with a generosity of spirit that is quite simply colour-blind.

Well done, Azam Motors Banting – HQ for being a role model to all Malaysians. – Jan 22, 2024

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