Netizen asking why women work sparks heated discussion

SEXIST jibe or reasonable question?

A netizen’s query on the Meanwhile in Malaysia Facebook forum has sparked a fierce debate. The netizen asked why some women prefer to work even when their spouses can afford to take care of all family expenses.

Why do these women put their careers ahead of their children who are sent to daycare centres?

Needless to say, the post elicited quite a fair number of comments with quite a few suggesting that the poster get with the times.

A few netizens said this was the reality of modern existence with increased expenses and overheads forcing both husband and wife to carry on working.

Others agreed and highlighted that a wife will be prepared for any eventualities.

Some said women need to be gainfully employed just to maintain their sanity.

One lady complained that this is due to poor perception of homemakers who are a “burden” on the family.

Another netizen commented that her spouse would only provide “standard” level of provisions when she has far more “advanced” desires.

The feeling of empowerment cropped up frequently in the lively discussion.

A netizen’s single word reply perhaps summed up the issue best.

Judging from the comments, it would appear many women do not want to trade their careers for an equally taxing role of being a homemaker while sacrificing their financial independence.

What say you, FocusM readers? – Feb 8, 2024


Main pic credit: Freepik/jcomp

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