Netizens call for the disbandment of Cuepacs for losing the plot

THE Civil Service Employees’ Union Congress (Cuepacs) hopes that there is still room for discussion between its side and the government before the new policy of hiring public servants permanently but without pensions is implemented.

Cuepacs president Datuk Adnan Mat is of the view that the current retirement system is the best and is compatible with the salary position of civil servants for them to continue living in old age.

He also argued the salaries received by civil servants are now described as ‘enough to eat’.

“If the government wants to decide on the Public Service Compensation System (SSPA) including abolishing this pension system, the government needs to increase salaries so that we can afford to contribute (in the Employees’ Provident Fund) and be able to spend and save for old age,” he told reporters at the Cuepacs East Zone Solidarity Ceremony.

However, netizens are not impressed with the call from Cuepacs.

A X user stated that the union needs to be disbanded asking what the fate of the workers is now with the existence of the organisation.

Other users are saying the role of Cuepacs is just to make noise at the end of the year to get bonuses for the workers or demand an increase in salaries without thinking of how the government will have to fork out the money to pay for the increases. – Jan 28, 2023




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