Netizens concerned over house arrest of prisoners

LAST week, the government agreed to implement prisoner release under licence (PBSL) through house arrest for prisoners serving sentences of four years or less.According to sources, several prisons across the country are experiencing overcrowding due to an influx of detainees linked to drug offences.By September last year, the total number of detainees nationwide had reached 75,379, surpassing the official capacity of 69,816.

Of these, 70.4% were convicted for drug-related offences, compared to 53,072 individuals. The highest congestion was reported in Kelantan’s Pengkalan Chepa and Machang facilities. To alleviate overcrowding, Malaysian AIDS Foundation chairman Prof Datuk Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman also urged a review of drug-related laws.She emphasised the need for a shift towards treatment rather than incarceration, citing the ineffectiveness of imprisonment in curbing drug abuse.

An X user is however, angry that Malaysians have requested to work from home but their request was turned down. Oddly, criminals are receiving this perk.

Another user is asking what happens if the prisoners do not have a home. The answer would be to put them in hostels, perhaps.

Others are saying the prisoners should instead be given community work for a given period, like it is done in foreign countries, and perhaps that could alleviate the burden of overcrowded prisons.

Taking the news lightly, a user is saying this is good news for the former Prime Minister’s who would not have to be jailed since they can spend their sentencing in house arrest. – March 3, 2024


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