Netizens condemn viral video mocking the Madani concept

A VIRAL video on Twitter depicts a shopgirl refusing to sell extra packets of sugar to a customer. When asked why he can’t get more than one packet of sugar, she stated that it’s not Malaysia Madani, but Mahal Dah Ni.That phrase translates to “It’s already expensive”.

However, another social media user decided to record himself in an actual shop to see if the viral claims in the video – which he attributes to the supporters of a political party – are genuine.He finds out that in his area, he is allowed to buy as many packs as he wants. He buys five packs in a bid to show that the viral video is ‘lying’ and is being unfair to the Madani government.

(Watch it until the end. Look at the heinous crime committed by those who created slanderous videos. Glory be to God!!!)

In an official press release on August 27, 2018, the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry  (KPDNKK) declared a new price for coarse-filtered white sugar, establishing it at RM2.85 per kilogram, marking a 10-cent reduction from its previous rate of RM2.95 per gram.

KPDNKK stated that sugar falls under the category of controlled commodities, subject to regulation by the Supply Control Act of 1961 and the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act of 2011. These regulations aim to ensure a steady and regulated supply of sugar at controlled prices.

Furthermore, it seems that sugar prices have not gone up for the last five years.Nevertheless, social media users are divided on the issue with some stating that in some villages, shops are not selling more than 2kg of sugar per person. This is mainly due to stock-taking and/or delayed deliveries.

(The sugar issue is indeed happening in Kelantan. In the family group, there are often complaints about all the grocery stores running out of sugar before the recent state election period. It seems to be okay now.)

(Uncle, this problem is indeed happening but not everywhere. Yesterday (Sept 8), I went out to buy groceries with my mother. There was a restriction on sugar. The cashier said it’s an instruction coming from the sugar supplier.)

(We know why this is happening. It’s because the wealthy suppliers over there have the ability to manipulate stock according to their wishes.

(When stock is halted, prices will rise and the people will blame the government. That’s why in the past, these tycoons shouldn’t have been given just one license.) – Sept 9, 2023

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