Netizens demand “rematch” as stars of Malaysian-made “Gentleman One-by-One” bury the hatchet

IT WAS a tussle that gripped the nation. Almost every Malaysian who is on social media had seemingly seen the video of the brawl that broke out in a sundry shop in Seberang Perai, mainland Penang between the Chinese shop keeper and an inebriated Indian customer.

The video has generated millions of views, making stars of both protagonists as well as the fat cat spectator that was perched on the shop counter when the fisticuffs broke out.

What made the video so sensational was the slick martial arts moves displayed by the shop keeper who was later revealed to be a tae kwan do champion who had given lessons in Penang schools.

Identified as 49-year-old Wu Ye Rong, it was reported that the “Penang Ip Man” started learning the martial art when he was 17 and was crowned the Penang champion at the 1996 International Taekwondo Federation competition.

Although the drunk customer was on the receiving end of a beating, it was also later revealed that he, too, possessed a black belt albeit in karate.

This led to many netizens calling for a “sober rematch”, leading to all sorts of memes and parody videos being uploaded. Even local comedians jumped on the chance to create skits of the incident that has so gripped the nation.

It seems that this Rumble in the Runcit (sundry shop) really captured the imagination of Malaysians with everyone having something to say about the incident. This ranged from the menace posed by drunk Indian males to the easy availability of cheap liquor as sold in the sundry shop in question.

Is a sequel brewing?

Of course, given that the video went viral, it wasn’t long before both ‘stars’ were picked up by the long arm of the law. Initial reports stated that both would be remanded for further investigations for offences under Section 323 and Section 324 of the Penal Code as well as Section 14 of the Minor Offences Act 1955.

However, in light of the peace-making gesture, it is unsure if the brawlers were brought before a magistrate or were let off with a just warning.

Examples of netizen comments can be seen on the many posts sharing the latest updates on the saga, the most recent is that of both protagonists apparently settling their differences with a hand shake albeit in the presence of law enforcement.

This is a sample of the comments accompanying the image of the truce as posted on the Meanwhile in Malaysia Facebook forum.

Although the customer has said in a separate video that there was previous bad blood between the two and that the latest altercation was sparked by the shop keeper’s rudeness, many netizens were still demanding for more details over the feud.

Despite the apparent cessation of hostilities, some insisted for a rematch.

Given that both are now social media “stars”, there were many suggestions that they monetise their “fame”. One even provided marketing ideas for KFC as it also had a starring role in the video with the drunk customer’s friend seen clutching onto a takeaway from the franchise.

One even suggested that the protagonists were ahead of the curve in that it was all a clever marketing ploy to promote the sundry shop.

Some questioned the sincerity of the gesture since it was done for the benefit of the cops who even witnessed the truce.

Quite a few noted the very ‘1Malaysia’ nature of the latest photo.

Many did say it was good that common sense has prevailed and that the incident did not spiral out of control resulting in more serious consequences.

Simple message – always choose the peaceful option instead of violence. – June 13, 2024

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