Netizens dumbfounded at textbook using body shaming tactic to encourage better eating habits

NETIZENS have been poking fun at a question in a textbook (or possibly school-work sheet or exam paper) that attempts to instill better eating habits. Nothing wrong with that except that it uses body shaming tactics to get the message across.

The question states that “Liza prefers eating meat instead of vegetables”. The answer shows illustrations of four women of differing sizes and physiques with apparently the rotund version being the correct answer.

The offending page has been shared on various forums and elicited plenty of responses. Here is a taster of the responses from Kuala Kurau is My Village Facebook page.

More than one netizen just called both the question and the person who came out with it as plain “stupid”.

Quite a few highlighted the ignorance of the person who devised the question.

On the Malaysian Education Info (And Homeschooling too) Facebook forum, the same image also generated plenty of hilarious responses.

More than one netizen, again, highlighted the obvious body shaming.

Similarly, quite a few questioned the flawed logic of the exercise.

Of course, the bottom line is the quality of educator in charge of teaching our young was highlighted.

Apart from the obvious no-no of body shaming, the flawed logic behind the question in a nutshell highlight what is wrong with public education.

Lowly paid, overworked and quite possibly, under-qualified teachers are in charge of shaping the intellectual thought process of the future generation.

Little wonder that PMX (Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) has lamented that the Malaysian public education system lags behind its ASEAN neighbours. – Feb 7, 2024

Main pic credit: OnlyMyHealth

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