Netizens gives Tun M tongue-lashing for sowing racial discord on his Facebook page

TWO-TIME former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is seemingly becoming irrelevant in the eyes of peace-loving Malaysians as they come out in droves to tick him off on his own social media turf.

In fact, netizens have poured scorn ‘all over’ his latest claim that the government of the day has been “racist” by denying the Malays their rights” following the failure of his “Malay proclamation” gathering to take off over the weekend.

Out of the 1,200 comments generated by his post at the time of writing, a ‘huge majority’ of them rebutted him – some sarcastically, some attempted to ‘respectfully’ rationalise where the elder statesman has gone wrong while many more offered tips on what he should be doing in his twilight years.

Without further ado, here are some darndest comments (verbatim with minimum tweaking for language correctness):

Zainal Omar: Tun M. Can Tun see the door? (145 Likes)

Jasmin Castle: 98 but still playing racial games to divide Malaysians! Absolutely disgraceful for an ex-PM! (81 Likes)

Najri Saat: Sedar lah diri tu rakyat dah meluat bawak2 lah pergi mesjid bertaubat , insap lah tinggal kan lah politik. Subahanallah. (Please realise that the people are sick of you already; please go the mosque to repent, leave politics alone. Glory be to Allah.)

Rashida Tadayon: I have read most of the comments, and not even one of them seem to respect you now! Why don’t you bow out gracefully, while a few may still respect you. When you were PM, the first time, I used to tell people that I am from Malaysia, and I was proud to be a Malaysian. In fact, I told you that I’m proud to be a Malaysian’ when you visited the country where I’ve been living. Why don’t you leave (Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim alone and let him get on with his job!

Kalyana Kumar: Anwar being the PMX is such a bitter pill for you to swallow but you just have to accept it as you don’t have any other choice for now. No one is perfect so why don’t you forget the past and give him the chance, your support and the opportunity to proof himself. If he is not good, we vote him out in the next PRU (general election) and the cycle continues until we find that one PM who could unite and uplift the standing of ALL MALAYSIANS and not any specific race.

Mohanan Menon: Tun you are in danger of losing your legacy. Just retire fully 100% and enjoy the company of your cucus (grandchildren). Don’t play the race and religion card. It is offensive and insulting to our intellect.

Ong Leong: My respect for TUN remains steadfast but since DSAI (Anwar) became our nation’s PM10 his growing influence and positive policies have gained traction and respect not only from fellow Malaysians but also leaders worldwide. I think about the time you should stop blaming DSAI and permit him to bring the nation to a greater height. You have your fair share of governing (hence) please allow DSAI peace of mind to run the country. Malaysia will be a great Islamic nation and DSAI is our own Jokowi in the making.

Ricky Enteri: Tun M is the one who broke the promises to PH (Pakatan Harapan), Malays and the voters when becoming PM7. If you truly care for the Malays and Malaysia, you must give other leaders a chance to take charge.

Azhar Abdul Raus: Maaf banyak2 Tun, sedar lah tun kalah pru dan hilang deposit makna nya tak ada orang nak dengar atau percaya kat tun lagi.Bersara lah dari politik dan terima kenyataan orang dah tak suka tun. (I’m so sorry, Tun. Please realise that Tun lost in the 15th General Election (GE15) along with the deposit which only means to say that nobody wants to listen or believe in Tun anymore. Retire from politics and accept the fact that people no longer like Tun.)

Syed Ahmad Faisal: Apa punya negarawan mcm ni (What type of statesman is this?) … I always admire you but now no more.

Shima ShimaHashim: Langsung tak nak muhasabah diri. Cuba la bantu kerajaan skrg ni sama2 utk majukan negara. Zaman Tun la rasuah mula berleluasa. Bila Anwar nak banteras rasuah, mula mainkan isu kaum pulak (No self-reflection at all. You should do your part to help the current government develop the country. Corruption started to spread in Tun’s era. When Anwar wants to eradicate corruption, he starts playing race card.)

Rafee Rafee: Di mana Anwar racistnya? Ke Tun risau Anwar nanti buka kertas siasatan ke atas harta2 kekayaan keluarga Tun? (How has Anwar been a racist? Or is Tun worried that Anwar will open investigation papers on your family’s wealth?)

Brandon Driesen: It is sad that this once icon of Malaysia has now been reduced to this. No one is ever good enough, everyone has to be removed or replaced. Tun M is now an expert at destruction but Malaysia needs a builder, a leader and a positive-minded person.

That Tun M today is not. He is only good at dividing and tearing things now.

What a sad legacy to a man many once looked up to.

Just retire and salvage whatever that is left of your legacy, Tun M.

And get riddance! – March 21, 2023

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