Netizens have a field day after Yana laments “Bossku” missing his Starbucks order

A HARMLESS musing by one of Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s daughters about what the former prime minister is eating while in Kajang Prison has had the undesired effect of tickling netizens’ funny bones instead.  

In an Insta Story yesterday (Aug 29), Nooryana Najwa Najib, who has been particularly vocal about her father’s imprisonment after the Federal Court upheld his SRC International conviction and jail sentence, said she is finding it difficult to do her grocery shopping.  

“Couldn’t even make myself buy our usual things because I felt so guilty; I’m always thinking about what Bossku is eating in prison,” she said, referring to the disgraced leader’s popular moniker. 

She added that she “could not even bear” to order at Starbucks because she knows Bossku “must be missing his caramel macchiato”, a concoction of steamed milk, vanilla-flavoured syrup and espresso topped with a caramel drizzle.  

She also noted that those who know Najib are aware that the Pekan MP is a “big foodie”, and expressed hope that she could buy food for and feed her father once more. 

Netizens had a field day over her remarks. Some said they wanted to try Starbucks’ caramel macchiato “out of pure pettiness”, while others said Nooryana “ruined” the drink for them. 

Coming soon: Kajang Prison Starbucks branch?

Others called on Starbucks to give discounts for the drink out of “solidarity” with Najib, while political satirist Fahmi Reza came up with a graphic about a new Starbucks branch at Kajang Prison:

This prompted satire page The Borneo Ghost (not to be confused with The Borneo Post) to issue a prompt “denial” from the “ground”:

Another user simply said: Bro makan rasuah (but she) calls him a foodie. 

User Michelle Yesudas noted that outsiders observing the country’s latest current affairs must have three thoughts:

Another joked: “I don’t care what (Datuk Seri) Azalina (Othman Said) said or did not say at the special UMNO assembly”, referring to the UMNO lawmaker’s reported call for the prime minister to choose an attorney-general from among “his people”.  

“All I care about is Najib not getting his caramel macchiato.”  

One user expected the drink’s sales to surge today, correlating with “caramel macchiato” being a current trending topic on Twitter with over 3,000 public tweets made so far.

“Your privilege is showing”

Others ticked off Nooryana for her “privileged comments”, noting that people have been sent to jail for stealing baby milk powder and Milo for their children.  

“Your dad is in prison because he embezzled the country’s money, which could have been used to feed babies and children,” said one netizen on Twitter. “Your privilege is showing.” 

Nooryana Najwa and Najib Razak

Another Twitter user wrote:

Others agreed, saying thousands who cannot even afford a three-dish meal, let alone a Starbucks drink, are still very much alive and Najib “won’t die” without his caramel macchiatos. 

One user noted that Nooryana has been posting content and “so out of touch” with the rest of the rakyat for some time. “I mean, caramel macchiato?” she asked.

Nooryana recently came under fire for apparently wearing an RM28,500 Leve bracelet when attending Najib’s ongoing 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) corruption trial. 

Others suggested Nooryana “pay her taxes” first, referring to her alleged unpaid taxes of RM10.3 mil, which is currently a matter in court. 

Last Tuesday (Aug 23), the Federal Court rejected Najib’s final appeal in his SRC International RM42 mil corruption case and upheld his seven charges of power abuse, criminal breach of trust and money laundering, RM210 mil fine and 12-year jail sentence. – Aug 30, 2022 


Main photo credit: The Reporter

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