Netizens jokingly ask whether “hot daddy” will be eligible for “discounts”

THE controversial topic of the explicit content creator “Hot Daddy” has been discussed thoroughly by netizens, but since former premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak earned a partial pardon yesterday (Feb 2), netizens are jokingly asking whether the illicit content video maker will also be eligible for a ‘discount’.Six women involved in the case of the man named Hot Daddy who recorded and sold intimate videos with 20 women on social media, are facing charges in separate Magistrates’ Courts.Accused of possessing explicit videos on their mobile phones, four pleaded guilty, including a student who received fines ranging from RM2,500 to RM4,800. The court ordered imprisonment for one to six months if fines were not paid. Two others pleaded not guilty.Now, a parody Twitter page shared a joke that the controversial figure will be requesting the same discounted sentence as Najib. However, netizens’ sentiments are that they would not be surprised if that happened.

X users are saying that this individual should be free as he did not “hurt” anyone by making those videos. They add that if our former Prime Minister can receive a reduction in his sentencing after stealing billions, people like this should be able to either receive the same treatment or be let go.
Others are saying that now the floodgates are open for controversial figures in Malaysia to receive lighter sentencing. Notable figures like former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin and future politicians who are charged could request the same treatment since it has practically been done before.
Some users disagree with the explicit content creator receiving a discount on his sentencing. For many Malaysians, what he did was particularly vulgar, and they do not approve of such behaviours. – Feb 3, 2023
Main photo credit: Bernama

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