Netizens: Mydin satirises the 100-day report card 

MYDIN Mohamed Holdings Bhd (Mydin) has risen in popularity as of late due to their involvement with the Menu Rahmah for one. The way they insert themselves is through the satire they make on Twitter regarding the next best controversial topics discussed among Twitter users, which is also well noted.

In a report, Mydin said the group launched the Menu Rahmah, gave 5,000 packs of Menu Rahmah to UiTM, offered food aid to 120 families, received an achievement award lifetime 2023 (BISA), organised the Smart Generation Tour (400 students and 5 schools), and donated food to the Food Bank.

Besides, Mydin (every month) won the Putra Brand Awards 2022 Retail Category (bronze). An impressive 100 days for Mydin since Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim took office.

Netizens were quick to compare this to some politicians. Recently, an Opposition MP Siti Mastura Mohamad made a bold decision to enact a 100-day report card for her duties. It went viral on Twitter because Malaysians found it to be quite ironic and satirical.

In a reply to @drusmas, twitter user @saifuddin_amri said:

“Let me provide the idea as to how you should do your KPI @drusmas:

“1. Managed to reduce the unemployment rate in KB by 45%. 2. I have successfully increased Kepala Batas people’s income rate by 37% 3. Reduce the pothole in Jalan Kepala Batas by 75%. 4. Food price in KB reduced by 15%. etc etc”

While the Kepala Batas MP was getting bashed on Twitter, the same thing happened on Facebook where there were at least some voices supporting the YB’s intentions.

User Halimah Hj Ismail wrote on Facebook:

In English, she said, “Alhamdulillah, the best YB Dr Siti Mastura. Ever since I’ve been following her on FB, God has blessed her in her political career. We on behalf of the PAS Muslim women will support your cause. If God wills,, the true light will continue to shine on all the people who are being taken care of, may God ease all your work.”

Nevertheless, Twitter was buzzing with netizens questioning the PAS MPs report card.

User @xatyrosdi wrote:

She questioned what this was all about. A series of visits, programs, or wedding ceremonies?

“This is much more than the actual work of an MP. Is this technocrat?”

In her posting, the politician stated that she either attended or helped with 58 wedding ceremonies. Furthermore, she listed in her “report card” that she attended several funerals. Malaysians are questioning exactly what is the job scope of a PAS MP.

Twitter user @abgskii stated:

He questioned: “Is attending funerals and eating at wedding ceremonies the actual job scope of an MP? Are there no other KPIs that she could’ve placed in to be an MP? What’s next? Reporting the number of breaths?” — March 4, 2023

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