Netizens praise delivery rider for chasing away men from ladies-only MRT coach

KNIGHTS in shining armour come in all shapes and forms. In a recently-uploaded video on TikTok, it came in the form of a delivery service rider who was seen berating male passengers for taking up seats in the females-only MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) coach.

The coach designated only for women was introduced by RapidKL on the Kajang MRT line on Sept 18.

Such initiative will see each train on the Kajang MRT line equipped with women-only coaches – usually located in the middle part of the train –and identifiable with special pink stickers.

In the video, he is seen chasing male passengers away by reminding them sternly that it was a ladies-only section. His actions have prompted plenty of praise from netizens.

“We need more men like this,” wrote TikTok user, @Audrey, praising the actions of the man.

Another user, @i_devena wrote: “Yes! We need this man everywhere.”

“@foodpanda_my please find this abang and give him appreciation for his support!” wrote TikTok user @spiderbiri.

With groping, harassment and unwanted physical contact a serious issue faced by female passengers on trains, especially during peak hours, the introduction of these gender-specific coaches is a most welcome move. It should be standard on all lines.

What is somewhat mind-boggling is why those male passengers felt the need to intrude the female-only coach when plenty of seats were clearly available in the adjoining coach.

Also, to combat this issue of insensitive male commuters (or maybe they are just illiterate), the authorities may want to introduce punitive measures for those flouting this rule. A fine would be a good starting point. Repeat offenders risk more serious punishment. Rotan, perhaps?

Netizens can also do their part. Ladies in these female-only coaches can record videos on their phones to shame these male passengers. There should be a site where these videos can be uploaded and these offenders are named and shamed.

Some men just need a stick to beat the idea into their thick skulls. Just like they are not allowed to enter female toilets, these designated coaches are off-limits to them. Kudos again to the knight in shining armour in the video for taking it upon himself to do the right thing. – Oct 4, 2023

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