Netizens praise mummy for the way she handled child’s body shaming experience in school

Fatty bom bom . . . curi curi jagong’ was a taunt that was often heard in schoolyards and playgrounds of yesteryear.

These days such body shaming is a definite no-no as people come to understand the impact such taunts can have on a child’s self-esteem. However, it does not mean it still doesn’t happen as a video by social influencer known as norreen shows.

The video shows her eight-year old daughter telling mummy that she had been labelled ‘fat’ by a classmate.

Norreen then explained to her child that such bric brats do not matter as long as one is happy. She also advised other parents to eduate their kids on body shaming and that such remarks are not acceptable.

The manner in which Noreen handled the episode had garnered plenty of praise from netizens.

@lobakmerahmy Kalau bercakap pasal isu body shaming ini, kita selalu anggap mereka yang sudah dewasa saja yang akan berhadapan dengan masalah sebegini. Tapi tak sangka pula, budak kecil yang masih di bangku sekolah pun boleh jadi mangsa body shaming dengan rakan-rakan di sekolah. Menerusi perkongsian pempengaruh Norreen di TikTok, dia telah menceritakan pengalaman anaknya pernah dipanggil gemuk oleh rakan di sekolah. Untuk berita penuh boleh baca di kotak hijau di atas. Kredit video: @NORR33N Jangan lupa untuk Like, Comment. Share dan Follow Lobak Merah! 🧡 Terima Kasih! #fyp #fypシ #lobakmerahmy #beritaditiktok #viralstory #trending #trendingnewsmalaysia #ceritaviral #terkini #viralupdates #storyviral ♬ original sound – umai

(Even though 15 years have passed since school, now that I have children, I still feel offended that people talk about me being dark-skinned and gets avoided because of my colour; being black. Please don’t bully, the trauma from those experiences will not disappear.)

(Why am I crying? I understand Ellen’s feelings. Poor Ellen, she’s experiencing body shaming at such a young age. It’s really sad.)

(I went through the same thing during school; people used to call me big, fat and other hurtful names, to the point where I didn’t want to go to school. School was a sad experience.)

Many also pointed out that it was important to educate kids on this issue as such taunting can scar for life. – Dec 22, 2023

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