Netizen’s race-based post about Malay start-ups draws plenty of responses

(Editor’s note: This article features netizen comments that make sweeping generalisations that do not necessarily reflect the views of Focus Malaysia)

IT IS a truism that many Malaysians tend to view everything through race-tinted glasses. How often have conversations veered towards a person’s ethnicity or blame for a particular issue is attached to a certain race’s inherent attributes?

This was most certainly the case when @norazambudin vented his frustrations on X (formerly known as Twitter). His bone of contention was that start-up ventures by Malay entrepreneurs were mostly doomed to fail.

Many seem to echo the poster’s observations.

Quite a few highlighted the misplaced priorities of these Malay business folk.

Some lamented the lack of process and that too many were focused on the short term and turning a quick profit.

While a few did ask the poster not to make negative assumptions and generalisations, it is disconcerting to read so many other Malay netizens agreeing with the poster’s sentiments.

The pertinent question seems to be what can be done to improve this success rate. Instead of shooting down their efforts, perhaps constructive criticism and useful suggestions should be shared to boost the success rate.

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Main pic credit: Freepik/ user6702303

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