Netizens react in horror as non-halal meal wrongly delivered to Muslim customer by e-hailing rider

IT IS quite possibly that one of the greatest horrors for Malaysian Muslims is none other than to have inadvertently consumed non-halal produce or more specifically food containing porcine ingredients.

This was exactly the case when a mix up in food delivery orders led to kids of a Muslim customer unknowingly ended up consuming pork.

In a post by X (formerly Twitter), user #UpdateInfo (@update11111) claimed that a friend had ordered mee tarik for his family. The poster was busy handling online classes when the children accepted the delivery from the Food Panda rider.

The already famished kids then unsuspectingly consumed the meals which consisted of barbeque pork rice instead of the ordered meals from a halal eatery.

The post has since been viewed almost 495,000 times at time of writing and generated plenty of responses. This is a sample of what is being said about this unfortunate episode.

A netizen suggested that some blame lay with the customer for not properly checking receipt before consuming.

To which it was pointed out that in this case it was the children who accepted the order without realising the mistake.

A few quite unreasonably blamed the customer for ordering from a shop that is neighbouring a non-halal eatery.

One netizen said this was all the fault of the rider, hence he always double-checks by showing the rider the order confirmation.

One netizen shared that he, too, had inadvertently consumed pork in the past. He sought religious counsel and was told he couldn’t really extract it from his tummy, could he? Thus, prayers and a commitment to be more wary in future was the advice offered.

Some were quite understanding by pointing out that it was a honest mistake. The guilty parties should be admonished and lessons be learnt to avoid future repeats.

Some commentators tried to take a sympathetic tone towards the e-hailing riders, explaining how the mix-up could have occurred.

More than a few blamed the riders who took multiple orders and rushed to fulfill them without properly checking.

Some even suggested that the poster take legal action for the “grave mistake”.

Some suggested simple protocols when accepting delivery orders. One is to simply confirm the customer’s name before accepting the order.

Another urged the customer to move forward given that it was a genuine mistake. However, the customer was advised to be more vigilant in taking care of his kids and not be overwhelmed by chores.

Some netizens posited a genuine query regarding the separation of halal and non-halal items.

To which a netizen provided a reply pointing out that Food Panda offers such a service.

Given that many Muslims feel very strongly about this issue, perhaps there is a business opportunity for some enterprising individual to offer a food delivery service exclusively for halal items. This would avoid unfortunate mix-us like above.

The demographic is huge. The demand is there. Why not? – June 4, 2024

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