Netizens remind Tun M of his Kerala blood, ancestry as he steps up his race propaganda ante

SIX words are all that netizen Prakash Kumar needed to counter former twice premier-cum-Proklamasi Melayu chief advocate Tun Dr Mahatnir Mohamad who most recently claimed that migrants who wish to continue their linkage with their countries of origin “cannot claim ownership of this country”.

“You are also migrant from Kerala,” teased Prakash which expectedly opened a floodgate of both support and condemnation over the statement of the elderly statesman who has recently crossed to the green side to fortify the advances of Perikatan Nasional (PN) in the six state polls on Aug 12.

Thankfully, netizens handled their exchanges intellectually and factually in the spirit of wanting to find the middle ground given there was concern of a boil over of emotions which could lead to an eventual social media brawl.

“Please note that his father married a pure Malay lady from Tanah Melayu! Support Tun M/ Tanah Melayu,” netizen Nur Shifa Shifa enlightened Prakash of Dr Mahathir’s past.

Netizen Suez Suez went a bit further by explaining that Dr Mahathir is of mixed parentage whereby his father Mohamad (bin Iskandar Kutty) is 50% Malay/Tamil whereas his mother Wan Tempayan (Wan Hanapi) is 100% Malay, “hence Dr Mahathir has 75% Malay blood”.

“However, I believe, to be a good Malaysian, the bloodline is not as important as if he/she speaks Malay, practise Malay culture and is a patriotic Malaysian,” rationalised Suez Suez.

“All the X-immigrant generations are very welcome to (stay in) my country, Tanah Melayu, as Malaysian citizens if they can adopt the Malaysian values, just like those who migrated to the US, UK and Australia.”

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has in recent times forged alliance with Perikatan Nasional (PN) in the quest to champion his Proklamasi Melayu ideals

Ida Lopez provides more clarity as she explained to Prakash that Dr Mahathir is a descendent of an Indian migrant. “However, he has abandoned his Indian identity and now identifies himself as a pure Malay,” she justified.

In concurring, netizen Nazuma Nur expects all Malaysians of Chinese and Indians descent to do likewise “because Malay-sia means Tanah Melayu; same meaning with Malay Land”.

Osman Azhar argued that Dr Mahathir’s migrant-linkage factor ended with his grandfather. “His father has mixed Malay-Indian blood. Tun M has a mixed father and a Malay mother, identifies himself as a Malay, natively speaks Malay and adheres to Malay customs. Thus, he is Malay,” contended the netizen.

But Ida Lopez begs to differ for she has no intention to follow the ‘racial’ path pursued by the country’s longest premier of 22 years and 22 months.

“I don’t want to be called an Indian Malaysian. Just Malaysian as Malaysia is my country and not India. I have my culture, religion and beliefs. The Federal Constitution allows me to practice my religion and culture,” she countered.

“Why are you making silly statements? As an ex-PM, you should be trying to unite all races.” – July 29, 2023

Main pic credit: Third Force

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