Netizens ridicule Najib’s call for UMNO members not to crave for luxury

THE public took to social media to mock former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s call for UMNO members and leaders to stop craving for luxury and material goods.

Hahahaha.. mcm ni je puak2 umno ni game ahli bawah dia. Yg kat bawah jgn mewah2. Aku kat atas je leh berubat kat oversea, beranak kat oversea, belajar kat oversea, pakai handbag mahal. Bagus la. Terbaik la umno!,” said user ML2.

(He thinks UMNO members will buy his logic. The ordinary fellows shouldn’t crave for luxury but top leaders like him can get treatment overseas, give birth overseas, study in a foreign country and use expensive handbags. That’s really great and you’re the best, UMNO)

User Dropship ke Shoppe Percuma reminded Najib of the items seized from his residence back in 2019, where many luxury items worth hundreds of millions were confiscated by the police.

User Boaty McBoatFace retorted in a jest, saying: “Pretty sure I died in my sleep and I’m in upside down land.”

Earlier today, Malaysiakini reported Najib as telling UMNO grassroots to focus on winning over the people’s confidence instead of being fixated on the trappings of wealth.

“We should not crave for luxury in anything that we do, because luxury and material goods are not the determinants of our success.

“If we show off too much and people say we are arrogant, that will be the cause of our defeat.

“People do not like leaders who are show-off, lavish or arrogant in terms of their attitude and how they carry themselves,” the Pekan MP said, when officiating the Pekan UMNO branch assembly meeting.

On that note, user Hani Ismail queried whether Najib was telling UMNO leaders to hide their wealth during campaigning period to endear themselves to the votes.

“In other word, u ask them to act poor? Sorry but everyone already knows the ‘richness’ of UMNO. U might wanna start with Annuar Musang (Tan Sri Annuar Musa).”

User Nebula remarked: “Almost died laughing at this quote by world’s top ranking kleptocrat.” – Oct 17, 2021.

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