Netizens share nostalgic moments with Siti Kasim whose ‘old blue IC’ resurfaces after 42 years

IMAGINE being re-united with a lost possession – something precious in terms of sentimental value that cannot be equated in terms of ringgit and sen.

This was what vocal social activist-cum-lawyer Siti Kasim experienced when clearing her old stuff – she came across her old ‘blue IC’ (identity card) bearing her photo at 18 years old.

As expected, netizens showered Siti Kasim with all round praises for her good look with one enthralled with her Chinese look and others comparing her with their sisters.

Character-wise, one netizen asked if she remembers whether she was as outspoken and fearless back then as she is today to which Siti Kasim replied in jest that she has always been a kaki soal (inquisitive) and kaki melawan (good at fighting back).

Interestingly, quite a few netzines were surprised as to how Siti Kasim still has in her possession that ‘old blue IC’.

This is because as most netzines would recall, staff of the National Registration Department (NRD) would have ensured that every IC applicant returned their old IC before every renewal process, ie from the ‘old blue IC’ to the MyKad which was first introduced on Sept 5, 2001

Whatever the case is, some netizens were impressed with the ‘old blue IC’s’ durability nature for it was waterproof and would not easily crack, peeled or fade.

To sum up, netizen Emily Barnabas wondered if at 18, Siti Kasim already possessed the clairvoyant quality of knowing that she could one day “change some things in this world”. – Jan 5, 2024

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