Netizens share tips with the Bangi MP on how to eat mooncake

AMID the tense political environment on social media, there are moments to cherish like the one where netizens are sharing tips with the Bangi MP Syahredzan Johan on how to eat the mooncake.The debate is indeed interesting, with netizens on the X platform joining the MP in the discussion after he shared a photo of himself eating the mooncake with the caption stating that those supporting Perikatan Nasional (PN) would be angry at him for doing so.Some users suggested that he was eating a full mooncake and that it was meant to be shared. The photo shows the MP putting a fork on the cake as if he were going to dig into it for a little feast.

(If I post this picture, I know the National Extremists will get heated. Just as I expected, they’re never content. They even claim there’s no halal mooncake, hahahaha! Closed-minded thinking. That’s why I support the National Extremists.)

Netizens are generally happy with the sight of the MP posting a photo of himself eating a mooncake. Twitter user ALAN @IniAlalalannn:

(The halal topic can wait for now.. Why eat an entire mooncake like this, instead of eating a small portion and sharing it.. The amount of calories….)

The same user also said: “It has to be eaten little by little.. that’s why it’s always cut into small pieces.. one doesn’t eat the cutlet straight away if I’m not mistaken.”

(There are no halal mooncakes? I used to believe that they were not halal. However, there is Bakers Cottage and you can buy the halal version there. Non-Muslims know to purchase these cakes from Baker’s Cottage for their Muslim friends. There are several Chinese Malaysians who respect others.) – Oct 1, 2023

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